about the project

thespillsmiths.org is a two part awareness project created in response to the 2010 gulf oil spill. Part one is an art, jewelry, and video installation project which was held at Mr. Beast Gallery in Savannah, GA, November 4-9, 2010. Part two is the online interactive education platform, thespillsmiths.org, which includes documentation of the Savannah project and an online retail store where visitors can buy jewelry to support gulf oil spill clean-up efforts.

Dec 10, 2010

New findings from the gulf floor

NPR news has an informative story about the findings and ongoing research concerning the sludge now covering the gulf floor.

Check it out here.

Nov 10, 2010

oil spill panel discussion

On November 4th thespillsmiths.org hosted an oil spill panel discussion at Mr. Beast Gallery in Savannah, GA. The moderator was Orlando Montoya of NPR/ Georgia Public Broadcasting and the panelists were Scott Eustis of the Louisiana wetlands restoration organization Bayou Rebirth; Lieutenant Commander Emily Sadler of the United States Coast Guard; and Bill Hodgins of the Savannah Water Resources Bureau. Thank you to the panelists who generously donated their time.

The podcast is 54 minutes and covers a lot of ground from local spill response, to events in the gulf, to how pollution enters the watershed. It was a lively discussion the contributed much to the education of our audience. To listen simply click on the title above.

Nov 9, 2010

The Oiled Oceans

Scale is hard to convey - but each of these three canvases stand at 8 feet tall. The triptych is about 15 feet wide, and each of the small dots you see are the 1500 brooches we created. The clusters of brooches are organized around areas that have experienced catastrophic spills, but they spread around the oceans to remind us that no spill is ever contained.

During the exhibition, visitors helped us 'clean-up' our world by purchasing brooches and removing them from the oceans. This symbolic act can't change what happened in the Gulf, but the jewelry now carries a message of warning out into the world.

We also created a series of special edition brooches, featuring wildlife that has been directly effected by the spill; From Blue Crab to the Brown Pelican (Louisiana's State Bird), to Kemp Ridley's Sea Turtle, the Dwarf Sea Horse, and Dolphins.

Nov 3, 2010

Final Preparations

First - Be sure to join us at 6pm on Thursday November 4th for a discussion with folks who have worked and volunteered to clean and rehabilitate the Gulf Coast this summer, and those who are charged with protecting the Georgia Coast from a similar disaster.

OR - Come down on Friday November 5th for the Opening Reception and talk given by Karen Grainey of Wilderness Southeast on the impact of oil and pollution on wildlife, and recent talk of opening off-shore drilling on the east coast. Of course, there will be food and drinks and your chance to see the show in person before it goes digital.

With that said, here are pictures of the team in preparation. We actually just finished the installation an hour ago, and those pictures will be up shortly. Til then, here's a teaser of yesterday's labors:

We stretched and painted three 8 foot tall canvases,

applied a finish coat to the acrylic brooches

and Cut through an Oil Drum. It's how we roll.

Oct 22, 2010

Pin Workshop is a Success

Thanks to all those who showed up this Thursday for our evening of sanding and finishing. The Pin Workshop was a success - 40 young artists and designers came by to enjoy pizza and a little factory-style labor! They helped bring us about 75% closer to completion... which is a lot, when we're talking about 1500 pieces of jewelry. That's the pile in the box below.

And an extra shout out to our friends at MJSA who recruited such a talented group. Much luck on your mining expedition this weekend.